Network marketing how to learn ‘hype’

‘hype’ for the long-term discussion of the network is not unfamiliar to the webmaster, most users are more sensitive to speculation. One thing, a person, a song by the name of abusive or sought after all quickly became popular on the internet. Unlined upper garment on the network platform, a wide range of information is maximized in every corner of the world, directly facing the global Internet users. This is the power of hype, whether users are abusive or sought after, speculators have achieved the goal, that is to let more people know this thing, this person or a commodity, rather than spend large sums of money to advertise more strong, so also appeared in what is now called the scene after speculation planning team. However, we do not have enough money for the owners of the professional team behind the hype planning team, then we should learn how to hype. Hype their website, hype their goods. read more

How to use the real name system to enhance personal visibility

With the rapid development of the rapid development of the Internet,

has become more and more popular. In order to avoid the deterioration of the ecological environment of the Internet, more and more social media websites use the real name authentication. Real name system certification on the one hand to reduce the existence of Internet spam information, on the other hand laid the foundation for personal branding. How to use the real name authentication to build a personal brand is not a short duration of time things, it requires marketers to accumulate experience from practice, get more knowledge. Xiao Bian here to talk about personal views and ideas. read more

Tai Chi Chinese blog CPC products to stop running

respected Webmaster:

advertisers should be asked to stop the release of Chinese blog CPC products, we temporarily switch to the Chinese blog CPC advertising word-of-mouth network CPC.

thank you for the concern of the Tai Chi alliance, to bring inconvenience to the webmaster please understand. Please keep an eye on the changes in the advertising update of our website, we will provide more excellent advertising projects, I hope you will continue to support us!

if this advertisement is suitable for you, please visit the official address: read more

Jingdong test UAV delivery delivery to rural areas

in the second session of the Wuzhen Conference on the Internet, a Jingdong once East UAV delivery plan, he said, hoping to get the relevant departments of the state at the end of January 2016 the license for UAV in the county test.

recently, the Jingdong logistics laboratory was found in Jiangsu city of Suqian province to carry out a series of experiments on delivery UAV, UAV delivery process, flight system, mobilize equipment requirements, personnel division and other aspects of the test.

specifically, the test is mainly for the use of unmanned aerial vehicles will be transferred from the delivery of goods to the hands of rural promoters in this part, the goal is to solve the rural electricity supplier last mile of distribution needs. read more

Jingdong to suspend all metro mall reminded or because of high rental costs

out of the subway, you can carry goods online shopping home in February this year, the Jingdong Metro mall launched from mentioning, however, this service has been stopped.

Beijing investment company official told reporters, since some of the express business is no problem, the suspension of cooperation is mainly put forward by the Jingdong.

this mall to the Jingdong, said: "there is a response to the Jingdong and the subway service from mentioning the carrier consultation, in July 15th to temporarily shut down the subway from mentioning, system adjustment and upgrade. This is mainly because: on the one hand, the Jingdong’s own distribution station and since some already present network coverage, to meet the needs of the consumers, more recently launched the evening delivery service, to provide convenient services to users. On the other hand, the subway is since the question had never had the cooperation mode, everything is still running. So, since the mention of the service is temporarily closed, the future of cooperation is still under discussion." read more

Jingdong three quarter earnings highlights gross profit margin, hand Q and WeChat conversion than ex

[Abstract] Jingdong third quarter orders from the mobile terminal in the 30%, the proportion of double the day is up to 40% of the proportion of up to $eleven.

Tencent technology news November 18th, Jingdong (NASDAQ: JD) on Monday released the company’s third quarter of 2014 unaudited financial results. Jingdong reported a mall in the third quarter net revenues of 29 billion yuan ($4 billion 700 million), an increase of 61%; net loss of 164 million 400 thousand yuan ($26 million 800 thousand), net profit over the same period last year to 75 million yuan; the third quarter GMV was 67 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 111%. read more

Sports Wang look over the double eleven models will be forced to buy 5 new sports

in recent years, "double eleven" has become a major electricity supplier of the battlefield and fight hand to hand with the "single", the dog turned "family" early cut hand online shopping. If you are a sports loving family "," cut the hand for what you will double 11 Goods "fought"? Xiaobian recommended for your music as sports mall five high force sports new


sports Wang look over the double eleven will be forced to buy a new type of high sports new read more

Suning acquisition red children suggests that domestic electricity supplier began to pick up cold

Diaoyu Islands Yu Wen has not been, Suning and Faro signed message in the QQ group raise a Babel of criticism of the accused, the patriotic thought; Suning will jump out to make a clarification of what the results of Su Ning ignore, visible abandoned political factors aside, in business minded courage. These days, Suning has done things, to $66 million acquisition of maternal type vertical electricity supplier brand first red child, this action is a public opinion again, industry insiders have speculated that industry mergers and acquisitions, don’t encounter cold electric environment began warming, into the shuffle transformation read more

Honey Amoy B round of the United States and the United States 30 million financial investment invest

news November 17th, billion state power network exclusively learned that the sea Amoy startups "Honey Amoy has completed a $30 million B round of financing in the first month, which is currently imported electricity supplier in the field has disclosed the largest amount of financing.

honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin

honey Amoy CEO Xie Wenbin revealed to billion state power network, B round of financing has been credited by the beginning of November, Cheung Fung investment partners, Morningside capital, Jing Lin investment with investment, A round investors matrix partners to continue with the vote. After this round of financing, honey Amoy valuation has more than $100 million. read more

Liu Qiangdong micro-blog Jingdong mall will enter the field of SNS

March 21st morning, Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong said in micro-blog, Jingdong mall will develop SNS products for buyers to build community experience.

Liu Qiangdong said, SNS will focus on Jingdong mall product resources, enhance the Jingdong mall platform sticky buyers on the platform of SNS comments, share Jingdong mall product experience, and the first time through text and video transmission that mall product information service Jingdong.

Liu Qiangdong said the plan to build the SNS platform as early as 2008 has been formed in the internal after several discussions to confirm the final program. read more

Domain name security tactics innoven Chinese launched a free mobile phone binding function

as a domain name investors, in addition to the domain name price, the domain name security is also one of the important indicators of domain name registration. Domain name investors, the domain name is their property, because the domain name is equivalent to a certain amount of money. The Registrar must provide safe and reliable technical means and processes to ensure the security of the domain name. At present, the common protective measures are the following:

1, domain name lock, domain name transfer password. read more

Jingdong free iPhone SE on April 9th in Europe and America

history of the cheapest Apple phone iPhone SE, Jingdong this free to send!

Saturday, April 9, 2016 13:00-18:00, Jingdong mall will be held in Zhongguancun, Europe and the United States Department of shopping malls iPhone full range of mobile phone line under the new activities. Hold the old iPhone full range of mobile phones to the scene, that is, the opportunity to participate in the lottery, 10 iPhone SE mobile phone site free of charge, if lucky to take the new iPhone SE phone, you can leave the old phone, take the new phone on the spot! read more

Why Taobao sellers refused to give a single

assumes no bad teacher situation, as a buyer to buy defective rights to the poor, perfectly logical and reasonable legal. However, if you buy the same 100 pieces of goods, 90 people found that 2 seconds, to 2 poor products, 90 people praise rate is 98%. At the same time, there are 2 people will find 10 ones, the two men praise rate is 90%, there will be 2 people what are not found defective, favorable rate is 100%.

actually, what is the same, but the population of the world is such a distribution, the vast majority of people’s values are the same, but there will be some people than ordinary people, more picky more over, while at the same time there will be no so-called special is particularly generous people some. read more

Small and medium sellers double 11 to do the exhibition of the survival of the drill summary

double 11 means that there are many buyers desire to buy high, the conversion rate is usually several times, so many sellers will not give up this rare opportunity to seize traffic must be urgent. But because the traffic is drilling show many sellers favor, rarely do the drill exhibition promotion are eager to share a cup of soup. But after the double 11 of the test, the author reached a conclusion, if the seller does not have a strong ability to control the small, do the drill is actually very big risk. read more

Jingdong 618 single single single mobile terminal accounted for more than 60% of the proportion of m

sina science and technology news June 19th news, Jingdong today announced the 618 record, the volume of orders more than 15 million single orders over the same period last year, an increase of more than 100%, of which the proportion of mobile terminal orders accounted for more than 60%.

according to reports, during the period of 618 garments in a single volume of all categories of goods in the first place, all day long clothing sales more than 8 million, more than 1 million 200 thousand footwear, the flash purchase sales was 30 times over the same period last year; mobile phone category from June 1st to June 18th sales of more than 4 million 160 thousand, the Chinese brand mobile phone sales champion is the glory, total sales exceeded 920 thousand, the total sales of Apple mobile phone more than 1 billion 400 million yuan, the sales amount of the largest mobile phone brand has become. read more

Talk about how to earn 100 yuan novice webmaster earn $3000

"seems to be an advertisement," I think this is what you want to say, please do not have this idea of people do not look down, and I hate the most is to say that people do not practice. Following into the subject.

I made a

article, the purpose is to encourage novice Wangzhuan, because I also like a novice, now seem to be in a bottleneck, the months of my website not what exceeded, some depressed, wrote this article here, I like this incentive situation Wangzhuan rookie, also encourage oneself. read more

Taobao tutorials 50IP million a month secret

Taobao mall recently more and more fire, a lot of people think that C shop more and more difficult to develop, but I still feel that there is no product can not sell, as long as people can not sell products". Today I would like to share with my friends to help optimize the case of a shop, the shop every day, the average UV in the range of 50-80, but its revenue broken million, there is a picture of the truth. Here I first above, the following picture to screenshots of the words are too long, so the only interception part, due to privacy, so I put some information blurred, but no other PS, PS siwuquanshi read more

Amazon welcomes new year super low

dear affiliate member:

Amazon IN super low price ~

1 Canon camera down to the end of the year!


21 thousand and 500 kinds of books, cold price for 60 days put


3 winter was the whole line of special, silk was $169.9, a variety of single double winter was $69!


4 OMRON spring festival gifts would send electronic sphygmomanometer read more

Taobao new opportunities in the spring market segments

more and more Taobao customers complain that a month without a list, the competition is too fierce, the Commission is too low…… We all know that in this Taobao navigation station, shopping guide Station, back to the current network, a single page station everywhere in the market for Taobao customers have fewer opportunities, the barriers to entry are increasingly high.

so to say, Taobao customers really do not have the opportunity to do it?

in fact, the opportunity is always left to prepare people, in this huge market in the Internet, there will always be a chance for you, the key is to grasp! read more

Web site to learn the three ways to profit

Create a

site and operation is the webmaster must work, create a website that now is not a difficult task; and how to easily operate the site, make your site more users and search engines like? Here are 3 ways you can try:

first e-commerce to make money

a website can be a lot of ways to make money, but I think the best and most effective way to make money in the industry website, is to carry out the corresponding e-commerce". With the growing maturity of e-commerce system, as well as the establishment of the world’s factories in China, history gives us a very rare opportunity, the webmaster should take a good grasp. read more