On the website of the internal links should be how to do



website is carried out simultaneously with the construction site, construction site, link structure will be ready. The chain structure is the key, must be made at the outset, let the weight of uniform distribution cycle, so as to better improve the entire station and included weight.

two, the content link in

‘s website is a very important part in the Shanghai dragon, for the website, early may be "chain for the king", but in the latter part of the chain is in the world. The chain can bring home to the main keywords ranking, and the chain can bring thousands on thousands of the long tail word ranking and traffic. read more

The new year love how Shanghai did better in social

polymerization of sina micro-blog’s content in the search results, Sina and micro-blog as China very popular SNS community, let search results are updated in real time, is a good way.

first, in the search results into a love of Shanghai’s SNS community content. This aggregation of user attention posts in the search results, so that the search quality rises. However, such social after all not allow users to visually see the content, so there is still a lack of.


of Shanghai now love social action. read more

How to optimize the long tail keywords After reading this article is greatly discerning and apprehen

, a mining long tail keywords: do long before, of course to mining the long tail keywords, long tail keywords in our mining tools in the text, to share some long tail keywords the main mining methods, here we recommend the use of love ideal youth studio Shanghai promotion data analysis + love + love Shanghai Shanghai down search love stand nets + + personal divergent thinking to mining the long tail keywords, because no single method is not comprehensive. I recommend to the way in front of a few well understood, but the last person divergent thinking is what? Is based on their industry knowledge and understanding, to determine possible what word. For example, I have a station is related with Wangzhuan Wangzhuan station, and college students part-time online is not? It should be, but if you through the relevant query tool Wangzhuan the long tail words, absolute can check out the word online part-time to college students. read more

Why search engines never patronize my station

in general, there are three kinds of results in the log:

second is a good news, that search engine have included you, just yet, just wait a few days. If more than 2 months is still not included in you, then you need to look at the line of code that their Baiduspider.

first 1, usually appear this kind of circumstance, that your site is not submitted successfully, or because of too much garbage, has entered the sandbox. Way is to submit, wait. But the time is submitted to note that many webmaster friends filed today, second days to see, that is not included to submit. In fact, the search engine update will not be so frequent, generally 3 months after 3 months, if not included, then re submit. About a year later, still not included, and you made too much garbage, then you can consider replacing the domain name. read more

How to put a 3500 index word do love Shanghai home

at the end of last year (2013 December) when, because of an accidental opportunity, want to do a website. Here are all the records.


due to lack of preparation in advance, during the Spring Festival, every day just update an article, and >

the following things simple. In January 9th, the website domain name application is successful, the trial operation stage. Set the column three column: "WeChat marketing", "News", the "other" 8 columns; "WeChat marketing" under four sections: "WeChat", "WeChat marketing tutorial" and "WeChat marketing case" and "marketing"; "News" two sections: "science and technology entrepreneurship", "interest sharing"; "other" two sections: "travel", "easy"; then I adjusted to the section of the web site integration, January 18th, Shanghai love web site was included, the distance line on the website in January 9, 2014, 9 days apart. read more

The webmaster how to effectively create love Shanghai Encyclopedia

encyclopedia?We want to create a

finally and we want to talk about is how to add the URL in the entry operation method, everyone in the edit entries do not directly add link to the site, it would be too sudden, and it added links basically is to pass the entry. We should add the link techniques, such as joining in reference and extended reading, these links are best in the pages of the site, not the site

in the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love, we need to understand a truth is the basic function of Wikipedia is able to provide users with things they don’t understand them, to answer these questions. So in love Shanghai entry content must be concise and depth, to cite examples that nature is the best. Do remember is not to say that there is no association and too many entries, you try to use a user’s view of the data, even if the contents are not clear, so how to edit may give you by, don’t talk to link this thing. Therefore, when editing must pay attention to the content of the writing, the content must be logical, structured to make clear, easy to understand, and to be more formal, so want to through the probability to be big. read more

The significance of the Shanghai dragon website optimization TAGS Tags

, to avoid the "sentence type"

so, know the TAGS label, how to use in the article? The blogger also looked for, the results are very much, sorted out a few individuals that can generalize the basic method of TAGS tag standardization, of course, if you think these are not enough to prove, welcome to give me the message to. The exchange of learning

  label you!

content correlation

TAGS tag in the optimization process, the correlation and the contents of the article to be high, the only way to play the role of the TAGS tag, I believe this is the search engine included one label, because the correlation is one of the search engine page quality and weight decision rules. Similarly, the label was included after the weight and website ranking level should have effect, the buddies have experience to share ah, bloggers also just a rookie, this sentence if verified, told a blogger. read more

Noble baby than love Shanghai included fast reason

The Baby love Original: Hefei seven

noble baby search engine than the love of Shanghai is strong, it ranked in the world than the love of Shanghai, in order to enhance the search volume, it will continue to collect a website. Love Shanghai, focus on quality, it will not blindly what sites are included, it will start from the large site often. So when you see the same content in Shanghai ranking, may be better in a few pages of noble baby, this is one of the reasons.

often changes the site, there may be noble baby included in your site, but love can not keep up with the progress of the Shanghai. The website is not fixed, so pay attention to the quality of love what you see on Shanghai. Similarly, the stability of the server is to pay attention to the. read more

Love Shanghai how to judge what is good outside chain


but love Shanghai is how to determine the true recommended technology, have to be perfect, has many owners questioned.

three, the original project

is the real user recommendation, really acceptable to users, users active dissemination of high quality chain.

usually, can bring the flow of links for this user, and take the initiative to recommend, will be very easy to judge whether the love of Shanghai is the user really share. Before this is Lou song song talked about "love Shanghai click feedback function. read more

Indus enterprise website how to balance user experience and Shanghai Dragon

first, in terms of compatibility, we consider mainstream browser, IE6, IE7, IE8, Firefox, chrome, TT, Sogou, 360 Tencent as they are based on IE core, can be displayed in IE6, IE7 and IE8 are not a problem. How compatible with these browsers, the web is generally DIV+CSS architecture, the code is simple, and easy to adjust, want to compatible with different browsers which requires in the beginning of the site we have to go looking for technology production companies or individuals, as a company, so much money, promotion of optimization of money. Do not suppress the cost in the production of the above, otherwise it is only too horrible to look at the website. I have seen some netizens shouting to undertake various website production business, great tone in some groups, and then look at their case, and just to move into the students’ homework, I once asked one, how can you many won’t pick up business? He answered me. read more

Several questions about the sites included love Shanghai

new sites included? Website content is king, the chain for the emperor, the new one is to have content, two is to do the chain work.

three, website of love Shanghai is not the first home page site site? Love Shanghai site home can not find

site only included the home page? The new sites for love in Shanghai, a new, and participate in the work of a trial period, Shanghai will love in the early assessment of your website, the content and frequency of updates will test. According to the first question, do the two aspects of the work. read more

Analysis of the causes of different keywords appear two different snapshots of the love of Shanghai


a friend of the Dengfeng talent network search keywords, page snapshot also stays at No. 12 and

the same not to delete, after all, before the page is search engine mistakenly believe that there exists a page keyword ranking naturally exists, of course this is a very short period, because when the search engine that interface structure included in the site before and are not the same, will delete the previous search after all. Engine is new. So, when you find the same page snapshot is inconsistent, think about your recent whether > read more

Personal webmaster and love Shanghai love

How about " "?

the user is king, do their own

a few days ago on the Internet to see "love Shanghai" alliance, including in the A5 forum also appeared anti love voice of Shanghai. Now on the way to business, write down this paper. I am involved in Wangzhuan industry more than half a year, did not see what great article, also on personal webmaster to love Shanghai love, to express their views.

from the perspective of interest, "anti" should be love Shanghai undermined his interests of the existing mode or did not bring the expected benefits to him. So I would like to ask the Shanghai destroyed the interests of love who gave it to you? Did not meet expectations, such as Shanghai, where the expected love? Love Shanghai and ultimately serve the interests of their own, which is its principle, is the love of the Shanghai platform, so the platform rules is undoubtedly conducive to the principle of making of course, there it needs to take account of its users, including personal webmaster, because these are the foundation of love in Shanghai. Therefore, I think Shanghai rule is still relatively fair, the world is not absolutely fair thing, what about the fair network, today the interests of the Internet drive everything, without the benefit of meaningless rules. read more

As the Shanghai dragon Er whether you really do the chain

some of the chain resources is very good, the large flow of people but all the post plus link will be shielded. Then we can use the WWW removal, the chain resources that even without the love of Shanghai recognized, we can also use these advantages as the drainage flow platform itself.

when we finished a chain of resources for second days the query chain included may enter the URL and title are not found in the search results to love Shanghai. But this time the resource is not necessarily not included. Please see below is a news source in my hair, I love Shanghai "and the two column of news headline and article search web sites which are not the result but when I site: website domain name + title of the article, it is found that the article is actually included. read more

The case analysis around those of the site by K

, no problem; no deliberate pursuit of keyword density; the articles are original and related to the theme of the article, the article also no excessive optimization suspicion; no illegal information station.

the author according to factors that might lead to site is down right a check from the check to death, from the friends of the chain to check the chain, still can not find a compelling reason, then the author with love station "IP check the domain name" got the following screenshot. read more

Summarize the cause of several methods of Web site is down right

We use

template most internal links are ready, such as each article "on page" and "next page", "article", "love this article friends love" and so on, many of my friends see this template chain is overjoyed, thinking can not do or less do, but search engine is not a fool, who does not appear in the link in the chain as he will not be good, but I’m always naive only in key words do point to the home page links, links don’t search engine that doesn’t love, sometimes they are really in the chain must sniff at. As we all know, I’m just not long winded, so in the chain need to move some brains, in writing to the good planning, copy and paste, is unable to do within the chain. read more

Seven reasons and treatment measures for the account of money

non real customers click click click, including peer marketing,

love Shanghai promotion since 2013 September to upgrade the system, the software can shield over ninety-eight percent malicious clicks, the people basically do not worry, we are here that is the main purpose for peer competitors to work every day several times, there is sales, such as sales promotion bidding, call 400 and sell catch potential software, Shanghai dragon and so on, a rough estimate, we love Shanghai advertising twenty percent peer click, ten percent is selling hits, that is to say, if we have a monthly advertising fee is 10 thousand, which is 3000 of these people were wasted, for some small businesses and at the start of the company, which is a huge waste, relates to them we have to think of ways of vital importance, to avoid these waves Fee. read more

Shanghai Dragon 3 WEO WeChat search ranking thirteen influence factors of public speculation

before I wrote an article "2017 WeChat frequent action, be? What are the big move?" has explained, WeChat small program officially launched WeChat index, WeChat quietly on the line, a small program to individual developers open access, WeChat public number can realize the account migration, WeChat open 13 small program new features, historical account message search, WeChat quietly on the line, v-mobile shared bicycle settled WeChat squares etc..


in 2017, the Tencent social platform "WeChat" action is not interrupted, nearly half the time, for the introduction of different types of new features and new products, thus it is not difficult to guess what the WeChat commercial road is rapidly advancing. read more

SKYCC combination marketing software more humane than ordinary marketing software

The rapid development of electronic commerce in the current

Network marketing software

from the Xinyu talent network 贵族宝贝xinyurc贵族宝贝 please retain the copyright.

2. unique desktop rotating menu, easy and fast to specify the sub menu. Operation experience more humane.

also emerged out of the bamboo shoots after a spring rain, as an important tool for the enterprise network marketing, network marketing software has been denied". More and more people see which products can save manpower, material resources, convenient, more humane. SKYCC combination marketing software is not only in the software interface and practical function are more humane than ordinary marketing software. Shanghai Ou pump company is bought this software after sales performance upgrade. read more

Seven ways to make the high quality the chain

2, Links

1, write soft grammar


network and their own QQ group, search engines and so on method to find the relevant website owners with their friends, and then each Links. Of course, if the webmaster between very familiar, can do cross links, even on the inside pages of cross links in the article, so the one-way link weight is very good, can quickly improve site weights. I would recommend this approach, but after all, in the pages of text links and cross link operation has many problems difficult to solve. read more