A good idea for college students to start their summer vacation

summer vacation began, the brains of students who do not play games at home to sleep, but think of entrepreneurial ideas, but students not much money, do not have much experience in addition to stall, fast food and other traditional forms, college students entrepreneurship practice summer what new ideas? Xiamen University road just to undertake sponsored by Xiamen Unicom new brochure — Campus pages, current team building has been completed, the team members will take to the streets pulling ads. His purpose is not only to make a little bit of money to Unicom to work so simple, want to exercise members through this project, to create a sales team of their own".

The students no longer have the entrepreneurial practice as exercise eloquence and ability so simple

"." Associate professor of China Youth University for Political Science, the International Labour Organization KAB entrepreneurship education project Senior Trainer Liu Fan think, understand the market, exercise ability in practical business practice in summer, so as to cultivate the prospective development of the industry, will change the practice of short-term entrepreneurship long-term business planning preparation, it is worth it.

lasting summer to prepare for

businessThe road is just

campus around the school is to provide business information pages for the new manual, businesses rely on advertising to make money, divided into electronic digital products, training and examination, entertainment and daily activities in 4 sections, "finally, everyone can earn three thousand or four thousand yuan." Not just to make money by not seriously, he has his own career, he wanted to pull through this advertisement to exercise their own sales team and advocacy group, "my company is lack of this kind of talent", on the other hand also to the accumulation of contacts, to lay the foundation for financing.

use practice to start the summer to fight a protracted war, can be more than just a road. Xu Yuanyuan of Xiamen University grade 2008 undergraduate has been busy recently. Summer is his online acquisition of second-hand Bookstores "good raw materials", "graduate students have a lot of books to sell, after examination, Ma Zhe, repair and history textbooks keep useless, we have to sell." These second-hand book is the next mentees who need.

Early enrollment franchise business opportunities are very important means of operation

China since ancient times is a big country of education, at the same time, the education market now, early education can be said to have become an independent school, many parents concern, many parents want to let the children win at the starting line, have begun to choose development course, the following Xiaobian say business franchise development skills.

In fact, early


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Former senior tour guide today to see the life of the boss

a variety of life experiences, everyone is not the same, some people are willing to dream to toss, others are watching the hands of the third of an acre". In this paper, the protagonist is a small beautiful people, is to dare to go to the dream of the people, let us take a look at her entrepreneurial experience.

before the small business, Mary is a senior tour Guilin of a travel agency, income, occupation and income status let friends envy. A vacation with his girlfriend, she went to Hangzhou to play for free. In the shops as the streets of Hangzhou, a warm and delicate shop into her sight, is decorated in other primitive ecological shop called "personal care stores, products have more than a dozen series. Exquisite packaging, a wealth of types, professional services at once ignited the passion of Mary’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, she also wanted to open a chain of their own cosmetics stores.

will say his resignation started the idea of cosmetic shops, Mary’s family and friends feel very unbelievable: put a good job, high income, but the business did not have any experience in the cosmetics industry. Family and friends do not understand the small Mary is expected, she insisted on choosing to follow their own hearts, decided to quit the tour guide.

select Greenlem and Mary are the following reasons: brand strength, Greenlem Greenlem is the top of the Danish fairy tale kingdom royal family designated queen skin care brand, the brand has a long history of noble descent; the product of high quality, Greenlem Greenlem all adhere to high quality, 100% pure natural commitment; market competitiveness strong Greenlem Greenlem7 brand core value chain, in the market established a "oil skin care experts" brand image. The original whole store output model, for the brand to join, agents to provide one-stop service, so that the success rate of cosmetics chain stores NO.1!

determined, Mary began to contact Greenlem cosmetics brand headquarters, Greenlem headquarters to Mary is very enthusiastic, but also very supportive of her own business ideas, and invited her to Greenlem Guangzhou headquarters to inspect. To Guangzhou, to see the cosmetics factory in the formal production line, a unique model of the store and numerous successful cases, Mary immediately signed a contract to pay a deposit.

El coffee franchise brand how – net

want to get rich, think through their own hands to create a new world for yourself, you can choose to join the business, so the chance of success, a strong support team as their own, it would be a good choice.

El joined the coffee brand as healthy Messenger, has a long history, pursued by many people and love, have a good market effect, and has broad prospects for development, fashion and health drinks are the mainstream of the market. El coffee joined the brand has the industry’s top professional product research and development team, through a series of market research, market demand for heritage and developed hundreds of special drinks.

El coffee joined the headquarters of the industry through the investigation of the brand to establish their own system, to ensure that each cup is the best time to drink by the customer. Business in the shop at the same time, select the delivery system, to allow the franchisee to improve sales, earn more market share, and has become the most white-collar takeaway mainstream sales habits, but also for the people of drinking habits and related products.

headquarters to explore a new path of the development of the coffee industry, with the most professional training schools in Asia, the integration of domestic and foreign top professional equipment and materials technology, employ in-depth study of Asian population like Taiwan to develop training content and master plan, El joined the coffee brand to have the authority of the lecturer team, the course will be divided into two parts: Theory and practice, the combination of theory and practice.


coffee franchise headquarters designers have great originality also introduced some auxiliary elements: mugs, dolls, narrow the distance between the masses, help the franchisee to enter the market the fastest best. The sea salt as one of its signature drinks, instead of mixing stiff sour, El joined the progressive coffee products will taste, this not only enriches the taste of art has reached a high by many industry, has become the focus of mass on the pursuit of.

If you join the

coffee El interested, please in the message below our website, we will arrange for staff to contact you after you see the message, to recommend more well-known franchise brands, as your brand reference.

Catering people must see how to head back to the customer for the repeat customers

catering industry competition is very intense, in order to retain the diners, catering businesses are doing their best, and how can you turn strange guest into your loyal powder it? This is naturally a trick.

is known as "the world’s greatest salesman Joe Gilad, 15 years his way to the retail sales of 13001 vehicles, including 1300 cars sold an average of 6 years, the record has been broken. He believes that the first car sold to customers is only the beginning of a long-term partnership, if a single transaction can not bring many times after the business, marketing is a failure. More than 65% of transactions from old customers to buy again.

how to classify the customers?

What kind of restaurant is

according to the current situation analysis and consumer trends Chinese catering industry, combined with the customer consumption frequency and loyalty, customer can be divided into "traveler", "individual" and "regulars", "customer loyalty". Namely:

According to the definition of

regulars: often the consumer to shop customers, have higher brand loyalty.


A good project needs to have eight characteristics

investment project is a very important part of the venture, the project was wrong, the entire investment plan will eventually end in failure, so the project is the key to determine the success or failure of investment. So how to determine what is a good project? A good project needs to have the following eight features.

A, will sell

productsHow to determine the


two, the market big enough

How to determine the

three. The profit space to

four. The trend of obvious characteristics of

How to determine the


five. Revenue continued to support

Short frequency


business model is better.

money depends on the system, make money to have to rely on personal routines! Toss brute force to work hard and random, is difficult to success! Business model is directly related to how much money can.

.How to determine the

training support in place.

Diamond ten brands list

traditional gold in the modern wedding is no longer grand, on the contrary, a variety of diamond rings began to be more and more popular. It is precisely because the market demand, will make the diamond market is more and more rich, the brand is more and more. Here, Xiaobian to introduce the ten major brands of diamond rings, so as to give consumers a choice to do a reference.

double Chen married yesterday, Michelle Chen sat in the boat came slowly, she was wearing a white wedding dress Cartire Cartier came to the wedding scene, a princess and the prince’s love fairy staged. The Cartire Solitaire 1895 series engagement ring worn by Michelle Chen is a witness to their brave and passionate love. Each diamond ring is the crystallization of every love, and these ten diamond rings are also all the love of all women look forward to.

diamond ring ten brands list NO.1, Cartier: Cartire, the richest royal nobility of the diamond ring, which is a famous French jewelry brand, founded in 1847. Whether advanced jewelry or watch series, Cartire (Cartier) are excellent in the production process, professional technology and unique style, passing the exclusive value of its brand.

diamond ring ten brands list NO.2, Darry Ring: today’s first brand of diamond ring, is defined as the most precious diamond ring. Man with an identity card can only be customized for a lifetime Darry Ring, in order to give a lifetime favorite woman.

diamond ring ten brands list NO.3, Tiffany:Tiffany diamond ring can be said to be a symbol of American design, with love and beauty, Roman and dreams as the theme of the wind and reputation for nearly two centuries.

diamond ring ten brands list NO.4, Bvlgari: Bvlgari ring witnessed the love of many lovers. Over the past 120 years, Bvlgari Bvlgari has created a number of wonderful top jewelry, and with excellent quality, innovative design and quality service known in the world.

diamond ring ten brands list NO.5, Day Beers: expertise accumulated over the past 125 years, so that the De Beers symbol of the sacred and eternal diamond has a profound understanding.

diamond ring ten brands list NO.6, Van Cleef & Arpels: from Paris, France, Van Cleef & Arpels (Van cleef& Arpels), to create a brand included in the letter VC and A diamond symbol. For a century, Van Cleef & Arpels Art beats nature. precision technology and extremely critical design Gem screening, delicate and elegant, simple and elegant style and perfect proportion, become an independent school in the international jewelry industry.


Custom tile development in the future

now people have been private customized services to attract, but also for the ceramic tile, want to get more advantages in the ceramic tile industry, custom tiles can bring people out of the ordinary experience, worth about.

in order to allow more consumers feel the effect of custom tiles, some business dealers to provide consumers with VR glasses and other equipment, through the virtual technology to allow people to experience the immersive space effect. A person engaged in the design of the work that we are in pursuit of the effect of the package, and consumers also want to participate in their own home improvement design, so the overall space customization is a future direction of development.

currently on the market, the majority of consumers demand for home improvement building materials based on spatial factors, so some stores will have designers to provide consumers with the overall space design services. These products are due to style, specifications can be customized according to the needs of different products, different specifications of free mix and match, but the price is more expensive than ordinary products. With the improvement of the level of consumption, consumers in the purchase of building materials products, more will look at this product can give their own space to create what kind of style.

in addition to personalized custom products, there are some companies launched the overall space and integrated wall customization. According to the staff of a self-contained display customized enterprise, is ready to be customized according to user needs to provide the whole solution space, so that consumers can easily finish in worry Jiezhuang Jiezhuang design at the same time. Now on the market a lot of home improvement companies and Internet home improvement platform are pushing the overall home improvement, the overall acceptance of the home improvement in the consumer group is also getting higher and higher.

custom tile industry is showing a thriving situation, because the love of the people, so the rapid development of the industry, is expected if engaged in custom tile business development will get better, form their own advantages.

Employees burned on duty were asked to count the number of medical expenses owed by the company

Fujian, an employee with work-related injuries caused by the body 99% burns, the company repeatedly in arrears of medical expenses, the person in charge of the family members have been asked to ask for mercy, in exchange for the death of their families to pay compensation.

from Yunnan mountains in Yiliang County 38 year old Yuan Longhua had the ball mode in Fujian Quanzhou Zhongquan glaze Co. ltd.. August 1, 2015 at 9 am, continuous work for about 13 hours, Yuan Longhua accidentally fell into the hot mud pool, resulting in burn area of up to 99%. The rescue in the ICU ward after 2 months, Yuan Longhua finally saved a life. His family said, since October 8th last year, the company has repeatedly Zhongquan glazing treatment delays the payment of fees, even hinted that they give up the treatment to death after compensation.

"survived, survived and Yuan Longhua has been longing for death race, but their brains can Zhongquan glaze company mobilization we let him euthanasia, directly into the death compensation program." In January 15th, Yuan Longhua’s younger brother Yuan Longyun through the Internet for help, hope Zhongquan glaze companies not from ruin. Yuan Longyun sent a message to record reporters show head Zhongquan glaze company surnamed Chen’s persuasion: "we are of the opinion that the families with the hospital said to give up treatment, after the death of Zhu Gong (refer to your fellow Xiangqun should be" workers ") injury compensation." Yuan Longyun said: "the meaning is to give him euthanasia, no treatment?" The other party does not respond.

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Jing Kun joined the imperial porcelain shop – a of worry

China is a symbol of our national culture. Moreover, in the market, it is also very popular, entrepreneurial choice to join the China project, shop is earned! King Kun porcelain? Brand strength, the best choice for small business. A good project to start a successful business!

King Kun porcelain products have a long history of joining. World famous porcelain – Jingdezhen ceramic production, the history of the Han dynasty. Jingdezhen Millennium kiln fire extinguish, ceramic art has a long history, generation after generation of skilled craftsmen, with its exquisite craftsmanship, created numerous exquisite beyond compare porcelain, become the Royal tribute to play. Jingdezhen ceramics, because the local rich high-quality kaolin clay — and, by high temperature firing thousands of degrees, with " white jade, bright as a mirror, such as chime sound, Bo Ruzhi " the characteristics of circulating the world, its rarity is the world famous museum collections.

King Kun Kun porcelain investment has a good future. " Jingdezhen groundup porcelain " is a Home Furnishing ceramic gifts production, packaging and sales as one of the Integrated Company, has a top-notch in ceramic art, the art of talent as the product development consultant in Jingdezhen, exquisite blue and white ceramic research are based on the independent design. To produce a series of high-grade ceramic tableware, tea, coffee, office appliances, hotels and high-end series of porcelain art porcelain etc..

Jing Kun imperial porcelain brand to join the product after 1340 degree high temperature firing, as high whiteness, good transparency, high strength; Jing Kun imperial porcelain delicate porcelain, glazed smooth and bright, never fade; Cold Resistant Poly heat accumulation and no cracking and wear good quality.

achievement of our wonderful life, to choose to join King Kun porcelain? Jing Kun porcelain, with the choice of business opportunities, very cultural heritage. Successful business is also very worthy of trust. Join King Kun porcelain, worry shop!