The biggest counter attack Huanggang middle school campus principals of online education industry at

source: I dark horse Author: Wang Yuhao

i decided to do it in the dark horse to Shenzhen when Wang Jianhong was around all opposition, he had to fight to win or die, but it became a turning point in his career.


he is from the largest rural village — China; he had "ten years" If You Are The One began to frequent intimate activities; he understood the ultimate interpretation of divine talent is that you will have a dream; his disciples called millions, he completed the largest online education industry in 2012: the counter attack by the agent into the club I have confidence in him; among the 30 eligible Chinese entrepreneurs under 30 years old list; he is Wang Jianhong, Huanggang high school campus principals.


rain Hao comments

this is the grass root counter attack story of a standard. Standing on today’s results, he confidently declared 2014 revenue will exceed 1 billion. He loves to use Socrates’s famous saying: the happiest thing in the world is not to fight for the dream. I think more: who simply because the ideal of success? From accidentally entering the field of education, to choose schools, choose to land, from the country’s many talent shows itself, the agent in the network education company turn from a guest into a host, a 10 years into a complicated and difficult to deal with the pace of development of new, just rely on any dream? A dream is to surrender, I agree with the basic conditions, but it is only one of the basic conditions. Brand advantage, marketing model innovation, innovative user experience, you said in the story which can? Jianhong said: "the dream is powerful, as long as you believe it and stick to it, constantly thinking, constantly pursuit, you will find a magical power traction." Well, I just want you to read this article first.

Wang Jianhong readme

I grew up in rural Henan. When the children in rural areas by the influence of the family is relatively large, when I was in junior high school, my parents often give me a blind date, because I was worried that I could not find a daughter-in-law. Generally speaking, the village more influential, are eligible to girls parents, mother very worried, you took me around blind. Within 5 km range is basically a good daughter was out of the light, went to 5 kilometers away, but never succeed, because people can not see our house. Mom worried, think this child must be finished! I said to my mother at the time, the girl I see on the countryside, to find the future daughter-in-law also want to find a city. So my first official dream was about finding a wife in town.

starts with a dream. From my experience, the dream has a magical power, as long as you think about it, think more, the longer the more likely to reach, this is what I often said to the staff. Just as what you think about during the day is easy to dream at night, the dream of getting married in the city has become a reality. In rural areas, the most enviable profession is

How can we see Wangzhuan you

twenty-first Century will be the century of the network, in the rapid development of network information technology today, the Internet is nothing new. Wangzhuan, a difference in the car to work, a new industry with the development of the Internet and the derived. And this industry is bound to be a trend.

is already quite mature in foreign countries, wangzhuan. Like a production line, each link is very reliable.

in the relatively late development of the Chinese, Wangzhuan is only ten years or so of the time. China Internet market is huge, must lead the people to the IT industry to develop this area, due to lack of experience, lack of domestic market system, off the line like cotton, uneven, chaos, much like the property market as Chinese is expanding, but the lack of quality, finally into a bubble.

I have been engaged in

Wangzhuan three years, from the initial IT migrant workers, like selling labor, busy with all of the platform to the post, to register, now operates five or six good sites. This is three years of experience in truth, Wangzhuan, cheated a lot of hard sweat, flow away in vain.

The so-called

so, three years time, also let me know much in this chaotic world wangzhuan.

see a lot of people are on the Internet, Wangzhuan is not a lie, I think that some naive, ask useful? I believe that such a person to ask, at least somewhat to do wangzhuan. And the starting point, they more or less think Wangzhuan is actually a part-time job, an easy part-time!


said, in fact, what is not so easy to do. The sky will not fall pie, not directly fall into your mouth. But I also believe that such a person to ask, most should be no contact Wangzhuan, what can’t even make networking. To those who ask the question to say: to understand, to practice, but also to tell you that the network is able to Amoy gold, the key is your skills, your thinking!

said people will think Wangzhuan, several familiar platform, Google Adsense, Baidu Union, Ali Alliance (YAHOO), CHANet net, Linktech linktech, NarrowAD, pig Witkey platform, twitter Chinese alliance platform. The first few are advertising alliance, are the webmaster as a member, do good also a few, the other is only a tiger cat. The pig eight quit, push off China and the first few different, but also different from each other. First of all, I admire the pig eight quit this model, a lot of virtual things, can be achieved in this substantive. But it is mainly aimed at the individual, as if to answer a question, the final adoption of only one answer, which is the most cruel. So you need to continue, as much as possible, to answer, to be adopted. You have to be prepared to do most of the work.

and push off China is different from the above two, but also a combination of the above characteristics of the two platforms. There are two kinds of pairs of objects: one is "

What is CEO doing

friend taught me that a successful start-up companies have two necessary conditions: 1) all major decisions are correct (Do right things); 2) all the right decisions can be properly enforced (Do things right). In fact, more than start-up companies, all companies are the same reason.

Key points of

to achieve the above two conditions are: as the number one company – founder and CEO, if can play to their talent and leadership ability, let the company flourish; and let the development of the company and the decision only within their scope of leadership. This is a pair of contradictions, well handled can complement each other, in fact, this is also reflected in the level of CEO organizations. My friends have taught me that in order to deal with the above contradictions, CEO needs to build around its own three dimensions of corporate decision-making and enforcement agencies.

1, the company’s senior management team

the most basic institutions, the company’s top management team. CEO should be in line with "talent CBA" model, a highly complementary to the senior team, each member in the scope of their charge, had a higher ability than CEO, more extensive resources and connections. Please refer to my another article: with the teacher wang!.

2, the board of directors

investors and founders tend to regard the board as a place of power struggle, accustomed to the number of directors on behalf of my interests? Rather than considering the quality of the board of directors and members of the board: how good is the board of directors? What is the role of the board of directors in the development of the company?

founder and CEO if smart enough, he will be good at "management" of the board of directors, the board of directors to support his decision, making the company the development of swing on their own track; if CEO are smart enough, he will be good at "lazy", will put some responsibility on the board of directors in management. For example, the selection and recruitment of top management team can be decided by the board of directors or help? The development direction of the company’s development strategy, whether it can be discussed by the board to propose? Is it possible for the senior management team to assess the performance of each quarter? The CEO is a relatively strong role, the role of SPEAKER, can fully represent the company and management team interests; "the latter CEO role does not seem to be vulnerable, what right, what things have to be decided by the board of directors. However, the rights and obligations are equal, the greater the rights, the greater the obligation to bear. The former CEO is actually very strong for their own requirements for the company, he must ensure that their decisions are correct, otherwise the company will get into trouble. Although the latter look weak, but if the control is good, not only can also ensure they will be reflected, but also the most extensive play the role of the board of directors.

here is another topic: how to set up the board members? In general, FOUNDER will find those

VCs crazy burn Science and technology entrepreneurship is not only a wild bubble

Abstract angel investors believe that the current investment is precisely because in the past the heat Chinese VC or the Internet giant is too cautious, they get used to bet on the three or four years trend or strategic acquisitions, this is a good phenomenon, VC proper positive point of entrepreneurship is very favorable.

Tencent technology Wang Genwang reported on September 28th

"make sure you have enough cash reserves for 9-12 months." Jingwei venture partner Zhang Ying (micro-blog) recently called an "open letter" bubble there in the business circles and investment circles widely circulated, and seem a little frightful to the ear conclusion was that capital bubble may burst.

coincidentally, the other side of the ocean famous venture capitalist Mark · Anderson also sounded the alarm of the technology bubble. In Anderson’s view, now the technology startup company burn at an alarming rate, "the market will turn, we will find out who is swimming naked, many companies will burn too fast evaporation." While the benchmark Capital Partners in personality even asserted that the new technology is to burn a huge amount of cash, this scene is very like the Internet bubble burst before the end of 90s.

is a "China municipal housing bubble" problem can always cause a slobber war, now Chinese Technology entrepreneurial sector is not a bubble into a "each one according to his lights" topic.

investor mania

recently, a widely circulated piece in the WeChat circle of friends: as long as you go to Zhongguancun business street, take an apple computer, coffee, Guzuoshenchen, there will be investors to look for your investment.


scripts or just a joke, but the clear research center analyst Zhang Qi really felt "more money", "as long as it is now a hot industry, even if the project business model is not reliable can easily melt into money, investment life is afraid to miss an opportunity. No profit model is not normal, reliable business model of the enterprise also have a fantastic investment."

investor mania can also have a pile of data to support. Provide investment in research data show that the first half of 2014 a total of 199 cases from angel investors to disclose the amount of the total investment of 1 billion 122 million yuan, the first half of the scale of investment has gone beyond the level of last year. Nearly 80% of investment cases in the field of Internet and IT.

Tencent science and technology statistics also found that Internet banking, online education and the field of motor vehicles is the capital surge, starting price of nearly ten million u.s.. As of September this year, these three areas have completed the financing of the 33 companies, of which the amount of financing reached more than $100 million above the level of 5, more than ten million dollars above the level of 17. In addition, Starving people fill the land. over the past two years the field of electricity providers are frequently heard news, as of September this year, there have been 15 successful financing companies.

it is also worth mentioning that the issue of a bubble warning Jingwei venture capital, in the first three quarters of this year, they have been voted

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Startups how to get, precipitation users

Paul Graham said: Do things don’t scale. startups early, it is impossible for users to wait for their own, but to take the initiative to win customers one by one. The Internet there is a saying in the world of martial arts, but not fast breaking, then the startup speed and low cost to obtain early user quality is obviously very important, then how to get the user precipitation


what is a good user


high quality users that fit with the highest number of users, widely understood as the product of the target user. For example, the goal is to have milk users 0~3 years old child’s family, and the target user specific and can be divided into two categories, one is the quality of users, also is the potential users, the difference is that a high quality user initiative is strong, strong desire to buy, and potential users will need to use some means "activation".

or in milk powder as an example, for example, your product is a baby mall, in addition to the mothers of online shopping, and the establishment of child care experience and community, it also set up a dedicated daddy community, they may buy milk accounted for a small proportion of the whole group of users, but the community about how mothers and dads shared parenting guide to attract part of father mother level users, so this part of the user can called high quality user, user is daddy potential users, potential users in the effective guide, may also qualify as "quality customers", then the user has what effect does quality, promote and popularize, promote brand development. Share of consumption promotion.

need to pay attention to effective shopping guide, and not all potential users can develop into high-quality users, some users may just onlookers, all must focus on selective shopping guide. In this regard, the longitudinal Sok Wang believes that "the Internet early team to improve the product cost, if the product will deviate from the key, the next iteration effect; in addition, especially for the localization of the service quality, the user is limited, your users will not wait for you."

how to get high quality users?

not only the most common share circle of friends, micro-blog, QQ and other space free social networking site promotion, budget companies try in the promotion of social media, such as television shows, reality shows; in addition, a bit larger, mature a little start-up companies can also choose to and well-known OEM vendors cooperation degree in intelligent mobile phone pre installed application; or to the target user group adhere to regular content push, or push in some public relations, promotion of video blogs on the site; of course will be uploaded to the mainstream APP application software download platform, at the same time make mobile web SEO to direct traffic to the app store Download platform. An important channel is also essential.

how to precipitate users?

successfully attract users to download is only the first step, the product can go on for a long time, the most important thing is to do a good job of user precipitation, >

Shi Yuzhu claimed to be an annual salary of $100 million to recruit local CTO do not foreign experts

NetEase Francisco November 14th news, today confirmed that the giant network, the company chairman Shi Yuzhu decided to launch the "golden wolf Burglary" recruitment, recruitment will be CTO, in million yuan annual salary million yuan annual salary to recruit outstanding producer. It is reported that after Shi Yuzhu’s return to the giants finalized a top talent recruitment program, but also it was an important undertaking in the giant wolf culture.

what is the golden wolf giants in the golden wolf burglary program, the wolf is defined as the recognition of the wolf culture, in the field of research and development in the game has a special talent to the top R & D personnel. Shi Yuzhu believes that the wolf has four characteristics: crisis awareness, nose tip, sense of smell, able to spontaneous attack, perseverance, good teamwork.

in April 15th of this year, Shi Yuzhu announced the implementation of the giant wolf culture, triggering heated debate outside. He said the company would like to remove the greater harm to the real old rabbit, the high salary, stock to the new wolf. The "golden wolf Burglary" plan means wolf culture has been implemented into the deep stage, den vacant. The first round of the recruitment plan, mainly for two important positions, CTO, excellent producer.


CTO took office, Song Shiliang retired veteran entrepreneurs, the giant CTO position has been vacant. After the return of Shi Yuzhu attaches great importance to R & D, investment in the field of technology, the recruitment of CTO on 2017 to force the development of an important agenda.

giant CTO responsibilities will include, accumulation, build the company responsible for the research and development platform, R & D resources overall planning, management and deployment of technical personnel recruitment, training and development system construction, strategy making and development direction, leading the company advanced technology innovation.

it is understood that the giant recruitment CTO priority will be considered local talent, not superstitious foreign experts".

out of the annual salary of 100 million yuan to the wolf, involving two major issues: a gold wolf is worth so much money, whether the giant can come up with so much money in the two?.

giants said, in the game industry, the competition is extremely intense, players are extremely smart, picky. Only continue to provide more than expected boutique, in order to get players to recognize. To create high-quality products, we must rely on the best talent. Then led the development of client game "journey", Shi Yuzhu was aware of the importance of talent, had thrown tens of millions of annual salary to recruit the game plan". The growth of the wave of excellent planning, the return is much higher than expected.

so, over the past ten years, Shi Yuzhu’s top research and development personnel awareness and attention, but also from the ten million annual salary rose to $100 million annual salary". Inside the giants, have produced a fine game producer of gold, worth at least more than 300 million. Giant in A shares listed on the core management of stock incentive binding period of three years, the average annual income of more than $100 million gold producer.

remove the giant incentive, Shi Yuzhu also worked at the company’s annual meeting public commitment: "who developed products, companies will give the person in charge of the Project Awards blonde stock, make you worth billions of dollars. If the company awards

In the pre entrepreneurship competition semi-finals ended

2015 central economic work conference made clear, adhere to the further implementation of innovation driven development strategy to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation. In order to further implement the strategy of innovation driven development, aggregation and integration of various kinds of innovation and entrepreneurship resources, build a service platform for innovation and entrepreneurship, and students will remain in the UK branch of science and technology to promote the development of Chinese Academy of Sciences Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences, innovation incubator investment Limited jointly with relevant units held the first "endless" in British science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition, set up in the UK science and technology innovation platform, promoting the international science and technology innovation cooperation, the construction of the global network of innovation and entrepreneurship.

in December 4, 2016, the British science and technology innovation and entrepreneurship competition pre heats in Beijing concluded, the judges and guests including China Technical Institute of physics associate professor, associate professor of energy and optimization of Key Laboratory of thermal process, deputy director of the Zhang Zhentao Institute of automation, intelligent recognition of Tianjin Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, vice president Xue Wenfang, Chinese Academy of Sciences software senior engineer, in Kejia speed (Beijing) deputy general manager of Information Technology Co., Ltd. Dr. Yao Jifeng CEO, Zhu Cheng; Fu Department of investment combination capital founding partner, free and useless to raise public record coffee sponsor Cheng Lijian, President Hao Jiangping, Bauhinia venture in Hong Yu, 36 krypton intime partner partner Lin Doody Bauhinia, President Hao Jiangping, in the venture capital, financial investment partner Hong Yu intime spark director Sun Yijuan, Su River Department of investment manager Ceng Tianpeng, a dream of venture capital investment manager Dai Hongyi, China Science & Technology Investment Manager Wang Enyu, Third Department of investment manager Tian Ruixue, Thomas venture Relationship Director single Inzer etc..


live photos

it is understood that the pre selected 12 items from the semi-finals to 36 outstanding projects into the semi-finals, semi-finals of the players all pre show innovative technology, innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit, a lot of projects is very new, at the forefront of the industry, worthy of high hopes. Including intelligence and science: purple.


live photos

"pilot" in the field of intelligent wireless power supply is purple project objectives, wireless charging technology using this project, because the energy in the field of transmission between the charger and electric devices, not between wires, so the device charger and use of electricity can be done without exposed conductive contact. At present, the project team developed civil products, wireless charging, in the future they will be self-developed wireless charging industry product and radio chip independent research and development of high efficiency, meet more wireless charging market scenario, build wireless charging field ecosystem. Wireless charging technology is the core of the company, but also the future direction of development.


department will focus on the direction of Entrepreneurship: the field of public safety, according to statistics, more than 95% of the cases need to obtain clues from the surveillance video, police workload is huge, automatic analysis of the urgent needs. >

This venture in Paris China girl by collecting handsome red lipstick jump

Abstract: to live, I believe that it is not only, a lot of people hate the "utilitarian", deliberately makeup, even to cut a chin, he could play a little edge ball to attract attention, more of a reward. It is like a clear stream of floating pieces of "clean" cow dung, although clean, but it is still difficult to mouth.

today, we are not even like the elegant Luo mil poet like, but still can be more intuitive to experience Milan. Kundla described "in the starlight group for collecting the perfect God planted flowers", "in the desert and sea in the aspect of the flesh and the spirit of adventure". Because of the Internet, more precisely, because of the rise of live, we have to live in a more intuitive understanding.

just recently, a ID called "white cloud" girl in NOW live on fame, at the opening of the live 15 days, it attracted a lot of fans, launched more than 3 hours a day to get a reward, only personal income has several million, and has become a live NOW ranked first a tourist anchor.


you know, white cloud is just one of the most common girl but, mixed in all kinds of edge anchors, show face show chest show of talent "sexy bitch", the white cloud is a stream. As a French student, she did was in the broadcast, to show some of the attractions of France, the Elysee Palace, electronic music festival, others doubt occasionally with the visitors interaction, occasionally answer, the most "bold" is just a recent live in a park near the Eiffel Tower with the 100 guy "lipstick collection"……

frankly speaking, has always been a vegetarian for me, this style can really "power" to me, even over ten thousand times more in the heart, "she didn’t see my beautiful", but in the broadcast process, the heart still has admired an irrepressible. She saw a handsome guy with French tease, approached to see her handsome lipstick, see the guy left her lipstick, she saw a handsome guy with photo…… Everything is so natural, so beautiful. It is like to see an old friend, or feel the white cloud is me, to see her, it inspired a sense of happiness. I don’t know if this is the true meaning of the live broadcast of the Internet, but she really made me see what it would be like in France, even if I was in france.

"I am a white cloud of NOW live, Shandong, now living in Paris venture. I am an international business students, graduated from Holland, is also a travel enthusiast. I like to make friends with friends from all over the world, understand the cultural habits." This is only a white cloud of information available, but is such a girl, she is so bound to fire.

you can say, the popular white cloud, because the "lipstick collection" activities, there may be some factors. Remember that I’ve seen it before