Xiangxiang palace cook Malatang to join a small investment return

in our life, all for a good choice to join the project, is always very advantageous. Spicy palace cook spicy hot? Trusted brand food to join the project, the choice of the most business opportunities, spicy palace cook spicy hot?

sweet palace cooking brand has become a popular and popular food and beverage representatives, of course, is closely related to its business model. Xiangxiang palace cook this brand offers authentic taste spicy palace, let grade instant upgrade, on the other hand, the brand in health, fashion and people have good performance, enough to let consumers stampede in, come in a throng. Young white-collar workers, or nearly the oldest of the elderly, they see so tempting spicy products, can not resist the delicacy strength, is only a taste for fast, of praise.

Xiang palace cooking brand strength is not to be underestimated. Whether it is in terms of the quality of high quality products, or in terms of precision in the service, the brand has done the ultimate, Xiang Gong Gong really let join the franchisee to achieve their entrepreneurial ideals. Spicy palace to cook spicy hot shop, seafood, meat, vegetables, soy products and other ingredients have been closely examined, usually can not confirm the source or substandard quality ingredients can not pass. When a reeky Malatang products to the table, placed in front of consumers, they can safely gobble down, let your taste buds to get new experience.

small investment big return, to choose to join the fragrant palace cook spicy hot? In the hot and hot market, it is worth the consumer, joining the business is the choice of spicy palace cook spicy hot joined the project. If you join the fragrant palace cooking spicy hot is also very exciting. Hurry up and move on!

Dessert shop decoration should pay attention to what

dessert shops and general food snack bar is very different, if you want to open a favorite dessert shop, it is also the need to pay attention to the decoration. So, dessert shop decoration to pay attention to what? Xiao Bian for this is a detailed introduction.

, dessert shop in the decoration design, with good lighting glass as the external wall, so that customers can see the first store food. In this way, it is no doubt for their own free advertising. Moreover, the glass is easy to clean.

two, dessert shop store decoration color, it is best to quietly elegant. Like pink, is a very typical example. Name and sign, to think the bright vivid, it is best to highlight their shop features. Let people see when there is the desire to buy.

three, when dessert join store is large, can be divided into design leisure area, give the customer a eating place. When the store is smaller, it is necessary to highlight the store’s signature cake. Form a sense of primary and secondary.

four, dessert shop decoration design, must give people a clean feeling, this is very necessary. Because people are pursuing health.

five, dessert shop prices, it is best to express, because a lot of people embarrassed to ask the price, so the price is clear, they feel more appropriate in the past directly traded.

above is about dessert shop decoration need to pay attention to some of the issues, only choose a good style of decoration, so as to better attract customers. A dessert shop is not like a lot of people want to be so easy, so that dessert stores have a good style of decoration, it is obvious that the dessert store is full of spirituality.

My steak buffet is what the whole join conditions

Self service projects in the

Steakhouse are popular. There are a lot of self-help brands for you to recommend my steak buffet project. What about this steak? See below for everyone to do a specific description:

my steak in Taiwan in 1987 from the city of Taipei in the park next to the river street fashion, taste theme restaurant, 20 years of continuous pursuit of growth, and now there are dozens of chain stores all over the world!


we advocate a fresh, nutritious and healthy food culture, selection of fresh beef and related ingredients, to ensure that the quality of the meal and only in my home to eat the unique taste. Consistently provide you with fresh cooked delicious steak, the quality of the special buffet food!

happy, we advocate comfortable dining atmosphere! Interior decoration colorful fashion, elegant furniture, soft warm light, elegant music, warm and thoughtful service, this is a worthy of your relatives, lovers, friends and share the joy of fashion! All our efforts only. As to your party has

days of unlimited fun!

what are the conditions of my steak buffet? What need to meet the conditions for joining? See the following details:

my steak buffet join condition

The effects of

on my steak in the cafeteria management mode of independent and , have a complete understanding of business prospects and risk my steak in the cafeteria, willing to engage in business activities of unified catering Catering Management Company Limited in Yantai on business model, franchise operators become.

1. identity of Yantai catering Catering Management Co., Ltd. corporate culture.

2. will be my steak buffet as their own business, and into the management.

3. obey the headquarters of the unified management, willing to accept the headquarters training program.

4. ability to manage finance.

5. franchise store area of not less than three hundred square meters. (need to select the ideal position after the headquarters Assessment Research)

6. be able to recruit and manage all of the managers and employees required to operate my steak buffet.

7. with independent management and strong interpersonal skills.

8. has a good credit, funds obtained legally, for investment in my steak special funds shall not be less than two million yuan.

Do these seven points allows you to easily shop to make a lot of money

now people want to change their business through the current situation, let his fate a subversion, shop is that many people preferred way of business, but to his own shop in the fierce competition in the market long-term, not only to have a good product, but also have good management methods, so as to make you store in the popular consumption situation of talent shows itself, easily earn millions of dollars. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate in order to earn a lot of money? Do the following seven points, so you can easily earn non-stop.

1. conform to the shopping district

for the shop, site selection will directly affect your future operating performance. So set up shop, the most basic consideration is based on the industry you want to operate and business strategy to select the appropriate location and business district. At the same time, due to some objective reasons, may also be suitable for a previous industry district, now is not necessarily appropriate, then, the owner must consider as soon as possible to change jobs or change it.

2. consumer groups to determine good


in the choice of the shop location, will give their people to locate, if these people do not match with your project, then will not have the business, only to lock crowd out effect, it should be noted that, do not fish fish take all, must be population subdivision, this can lock the goal of precision, work better.

effective publicity


Some shopkeepers

shop, just sit there all day and other business, this is called the "shopkeeper". In modern society, this kind of consciousness is very dangerous. We must strengthen the publicity of consumers, arouse the desire of consumers to buy. Especially in high street shops, in the design must be attractive.

4. store design can not save

what is the upholstery or store decoration design, aesthetic thinking and customers have a great relationship, in addition to color difference, should also pay attention to the pattern, will not only affect the appearance, more important is to make customers’ interest is affected, the effective display is very important.

of course, in addition to the above two points, the design is not the right way, but also affect their store Feng Shui, you will not be able to do business.

5. focus on selling efficiency

store design should take into account the promotion of sales efficiency. From the beginning of the reception of the consumer to the packaging of goods, payment, etc., should be able to leave the appropriate space for the staff to facilitate the action can be carried out quickly and effectively. In addition, commodity replenishment and inventory must be institutionalized. < / recommendation

Entrepreneurship depends on the brain

a lot of people think that as long as the entrepreneurial effort can be, in fact, not. First of all, you want to start a business, you have to have the basic qualities of entrepreneurs need, then, you have to have a good idea, to find a good project, all this, you need to have a good brain!

Strategy — entrepreneurship is not a fight, need to use their brains rather than strength, the king of Chu deserves no sympathy, one is his two of his woman’s soft nature is more brave than wise. Shopping malls such as the battlefield, a more brave than wise people, sooner or later become lunch.

From 70 thousand to 80 million net worth of women entrepreneurs to write entrepreneurs legend

in the US, every day staged a wonderful story, then say the entrepreneur, is actually a very ordinary entrepreneurs, but in her body has a very extraordinary story.

hang by a thread.

2003, my boyfriend is now a husband, graduated from Jilin University to work in Dalian. He is also a rural family, we are fellow. Then, we rented a 10 square meters of the room, often eat a meal to hand count how many coins are enough the next meal, this situation continued until 2004, but we still have a happy day often hang by a thread, to give both sides the family debt.

the first hard work

2005, my boyfriend seconded to work in Dalian Development Zone Land Bureau, we moved in together development zone, I sat 2 hours to Dalian city. There’s no need to count the coins. But still have to pay the family, life is not a little savings, but fortunately we have been accustomed to the bitter days.

in the zone I found a large shopping mall has just found a new store, because it is just the development of stores so the rent is cheap. We decided to rent one for business. Because I am young, the girl is selling, so many customers are very fond of the store, but also really earned a little money.

later mall unilateral breach of contract, not to advertise new stores, we also received the rent. Fewer and fewer passengers, no way to run down, and my boyfriend on the weekend to recommend the store goods

The good service in details

many shopkeepers know to do service work, however, once something happens, often can not be done for this service, and for customers, often is these small details, directly affect a customer for the owner’s view, further affect the business of the shop. Therefore, the owner of good service, in fact, also in the details, the need for the owner of a high degree of attention.

business case: Lao Wang, who retired at home, is an old customer at Zhang Guangting, a commercial street retail customer. But in recent days is not seen him to come here to buy things, but a big family, a family of ten months of consumption is very impressive, lost such a customer can be said to be a big loss of Zhang Guangting. Why?

The original

, a month ago, Wang to buy things, Zhang boss is busy with the two do not know the customer to Lao Wang hanging on the side, and Pharaoh and was in a hurry, hurry several times a boss is the two finally completely indifferent, do not know the meaning of the customer has to goods the price, make Zhang Guangting very angry. After the two men left, his attitude towards Lao Wang was changed, and his tone was not very friendly. Although Lao Wang bought things, but very depressed to go, but no longer into his shop door. Zhang boss regret it.

case analysis: the case is very representative, we have a lot of retail customers to serve the customers in the process, due to various reasons, not only left some customers, but will not mind quickly with customers, service attitude is not friendly. You know, customers buy goods at the same time, is to enjoy your service, not your "punching bag" modern shopping is very convenient, a small mistake, may make your business becomes passive.

Zhang boss example is obvious. When we receive a customer, we must remember that we should not neglect other customers. If you really can not be separated from the attitude must be modest, from time to time with a few "please wait a moment", "very sorry" and other language to let customers know that you are concerned about him. Although the customer is a bit impatient, but in your attitude, they will not go away.

peer words: retail business is in service, in the process of customer service, not only is the greetings Guazaizuibian talk, greeting greetings, emotions must be correct can be put in place, let the customer know that you are indeed wholeheartedly service.

we can imagine, when we can’t do it, and you do it, then the customer will have a kind of feeling, and vice versa. Good service, in the details. To provide a high quality service in the real sense, you can definitely make the customer loyalty to your store has been greatly improved.

With migrant workers, rogue, rogue sales

sales is a technology, sales is an art, how to become a good salesman? How to make good performance? May wish to follow the migrant workers, rogue, rogue school sales, learn from their experience!

: migrant workers

about the advantages of migrant workers, I believe many people know, hard-working, hard-working, without complaint, migrant workers inherited the traditional virtues of the Chinese five thousand years, as an excellent sales staff, to be able to endure the customer dissatisfaction and even abuse, bear bear in the grievances, said a sale to have the characteristics of migrant workers I believe many people would agree that if very angry after all customers of the company’s products and services, at least that after hope to cooperate with customers on the sales staff, if ignored, means that they may have no opportunities for cooperation.


The characteristics of


In fact,


How to invest in film business

automotive supplies industry promising, if you want to do good business profits, choose to invest in film products also have advantages, many operators do not know how to promote sales, then Xiaobian compiled the relevant information for your reference, not to be missed.

2016 shop for the project selection of film business, film for home window glass, can make the room temperature 3 to 6 DEG C, but also like the film as isolated UV, anti spy, enhance private air conditioning capacity, safety explosion-proof function etc.. According to the different quality of the film, ranging from 80 to $200 per square meter, mainly for high-end market.

2016 shop for the project selection of film business tips

1. promote unfamiliar consumption habits is not easy, you can try to start from the high-end residential. Here the household consumption level is high, and they are willing to try something new, high quality network, once a breakthrough, the original free customers become the "commercial" high risk, "to the old with the new discount" strategy.

2. colleges and universities can also be classified as the focus of the sales area, because the teacher’s strong environmental concept, willing to invest in low-carbon life.

3. families are usually selected by the hostess glass film, you can introduce a number of decorative role of the film, both heat insulation and beautiful color film can be favored by housewives.

film products do profitable business investment, you can choose a variety of business comprehensive sales headquarters, the strength of helping, so you can get more profit, do not miss a good opportunity to create wealth, to seize the good opportunities!

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Network set-top box ten brands

with the network to watch TV in the current has become a very normal thing, however, want to open the network TV, the need for network set-top boxes. If you want to watch TV before you have to set the set-top box to receive the signal conversion screen, every year to pay for the television to watch TV, and now the network set-top box to change a habit of people. Now the Internet set-top box market competition is increasingly fierce, various brands of network set-top box continuous layer, the quality is uneven, users do not know how to choose. So here I will introduce you to the network set-top box ten brands.

Android system box:



tejet box is a live artifact, hit live stably and smoothly without the card, take the "boutique" concept of the Czech Republic and Thailand company also received numerous users reputation, as the mainstream in the box, just out of a Thai Czech Webox30 is also absorbing enough popularity, 8 core 64 bit 2G memory on top CPU, Wifi dual band antenna with built-in wireless receiving channel, so this has become a new bright spot in this year’s ring box box.

millet box

millet box is specially designed for the game have a fever the box, but also to handle its own game game player provides a convenient, relatively smooth in the game, the game is compatible, let the game player to experience the game room for fun, as a focus on the game box, is the family game equipment.


HUAWEI secret box is HUAWEI for the domestic market launch of a high-end HD TV box. In the design of a small size, with a AV interface, even if the family has the old TV, but also easy to use. HUAWEI’s hardware configuration can guarantee a good look at the local video Caton phenomenon.

music box

The music box is equipped with

HD Dolby 5.1 surround sound to create a theater environment, large screen interactive experience of the LeTV UI system, although the hardware configuration relative to the other mainstream box to be lower but based on the inside with the Letv rich video resources, watching the video above all don’t lose relief.


SKYWORTH box operation is relatively simple, comprehensive optimization of the UI interface, Sky2.0 new design, interactive interface is more concise, focusing on the big screen TV core experience optimization, search content is convenient, improve the user experience! SKYWORTH box on the UI interface may be more pleasing to the requirements of young women.