Qinghai tourism do cool article three months Jin Jin nine billion and three hundred million

to the beauty of Qinghai, look at the scenery resort to enjoy the cool wind! Summer without air conditioning, refreshing cool weather, and natural resources, human resources, Qinghai tourism has become a very eye-catching advantage of resources, brand resources. Reporters learned from the Provincial Tourism Bureau in September 9th, the first 8 months of this year, Qinghai’s total tourism revenue of $12 billion 759 million, an increase of 28.1% over the previous year’s total revenue of $12 billion 375 million. This year, 6, 7, 8 months to embrace gold $9 billion 300 million, accounting for three of the total revenue of the first eight months of 73%.

this summer, the national temperature is generally high, especially in August the national average temperature was highest in 1961. Although the weather statistics show high temperatures in most parts of Qinghai this month, but the average temperature in Qinghai is still far lower than the national average temperature of 22.3 DEG C, xiadou Xining city town and Chinese high-profile into the global city, town, famous list of summer.

housing without air conditioning, eat not the fan fan, without the slightest sweltering air, wherever there is slowly cool breeze gently blowing…… This hot summer, cool weather in Qinghai really live in the fire people envy, from all sides, beautiful scenery, enjoy the cool summer come in a throng of sightseeing leisure vacation are awfully, the monthly increase.

statistics show that the first 8 months of Qinghai tourism reception of tourists at home and abroad, a total of 14 million 193 thousand and 500 passengers, of which, in June, a total of 2 million 285 thousand and 300 passengers, in July soared to 3 million 828 thousand and 900 passengers in August, and then up to more than 3 million 931 thousand and 400 people. Three months 10 million 45 thousand and 600 visitors, not only foreign tourists close to 60%, and in July the amount of inbound tourists throughout the year showed a trend of strong growth, that Qinghai summer tourism has greatly attracted foreign tourists. The weather. Qinghai summer climate not only warm and comfortable, sunny weather and beauty in a landscape of lakes and mountains surrounded by moisture to reach the peak, beautiful wide coverage. Come to Qinghai in summer, every place is full of exciting adventures, every inch of land on the scene gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Taiwan experts travel Limited by Share Ltd deputy general manager Ma Yaozu said: "Qinghai’s summer ambilight." Netizen Jiangnan rice, said: to Qinghai tourism and know a kind of ‘cool’ beauty."

at the same time, after years of development, Qinghai tourism road traffic modernization, improve the construction of tourism facilities, tour shopping environment, increase the wealth of optimization, food and housing, travel, entertainment, music, purchase "six elements of tourism promotion". Whether on the road or into the scenic spot, regardless of walking the market or visiting the farm, visitors enjoy the convenience of travel, the environment is good, pleasant, as cool weather feel better and better. Because of this, since the summer, Qinghai tourism has full flowering development pattern, the number of tourists and tourism income of Xining, Hainan, Haidong, Haibei all have a new high, the size of the scenic spots tourists bustling, some scenic spots also reversed the decline in tourists in spring.

it is reported that tourism income statistics, including tourists in the course of travel, travel for transportation;

Xining efforts to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area

expenditure of 337 million yuan, the implementation of cultural infrastructure construction, to create all kinds of brand cultural activities, enhance the ability of cultural services; design research, promote the reform of the cultural system…… Since March last year, Xining City, the establishment of the national public cultural service system demonstration area was officially launched, the relevant departments take the initiative to take effective measures, the current work to achieve the effectiveness of the various stages of the creation.

this year is Xining city completed a comprehensive demonstration area to create a national public cultural service system work last year for the construction of public cultural service system covering the city of Xining, as a positive, through efforts to accelerate the construction of the library of provinces to build a project and Digital Culture Museum, library, Museum of art, thus completing the city and district two public cultural service facilities construction tasks. During the year we will complete the 15 city culture stage, 14 characteristics of Cultural Square, 50 stage of rural cultural construction tasks, 60% towns, streets and community public electronic reading room standards, to enhance the streets and towns and rural community facilities, the level of public cultural services. In the creation of brand activities to increase efforts to continuously improve the capacity of public cultural services. Through the implementation of the upgrading of the quality of the ten innovative demonstration projects, in-depth excavation and demonstration model, and constantly establish a new path to enhance the effectiveness of public cultural services.


Xining’s first air defense workstation into the community

when the city was attacked, the earthquake, the building suddenly collapsed, gas explosion, the public how to help themselves? How to improve their ability to escape? In order to enhance the public awareness of emergency prevention and improve their ability to help themselves, in December 6th, the city’s first civil air defense workstation stationed in Shangri-La community, to build a safe network for residents.

is understood as the community function is increasingly perfect, community residents living more convenient, but when we encounter unexpected situations, people will be confused, busy in error, often causing a greater disaster. Air defense knowledge is very practical for every citizen, residents only grasp certain scientific protection and emergency measures to rescue or self-help. According to the Municipal Civil Air Defense Office of the person in charge, "Shangri-La civil air defense community workstation" was established, marking the city community I started the work of civil air defense, it is the community publicity and education work, the civil air defense evacuation system and mass air disaster prevention organization construction work and provide an effective platform, is an important bridge for civil air defense departments and Community Residents Association, community residents to enhance the concept of national defense and the defense awareness, and constantly improve the community capacity of disaster prevention and mitigation play a positive role in promoting.


Xining West District to carry out environmental remediation of the public should not walk the dog in

Environmental remediation work conference

reporter from the West District of Xining city held that, for even the day to walk the dog, sunning Plaza stall on more staff, the actual situation, sunning Plaza is seriously affected by the environment today, the west area according to the "Regulations" management of Xining dog regulations do not allow public in Xinning square dog or stall. At the same time, the spirit of "close to the public, serve the public, benefit the people" principle, but also the public a good leisure environment.

into the summer, more and more people go to sunning Plaza leisure, so the dog walking in the square, the phenomenon is also set up stall, a serious impact on the square environment. In addition, the west side of the city night environment is not optimistic, affecting the image of Xining. To solve the above problems, Chengxi District arrangement District Urban Management Bureau, love health office and is a town of five, enacted to strengthen the city management system at night, and every night in 6 points to 10 points, the organization personnel patrol in the area of the main street, market, intensify the management of city environment at night the. In addition, in order to improve the grade of the city area, West District will be building all kinds of governance belonged to the advertising, focus on the regulation of the main street, no management of the building body advertisement. (author: Wu Yachun)


War between the electricity supplier is not only the weight of the price war

eleven has just passed, no smoke of war between the major electricity supplier temporarily came to an end, when it comes to the competition among electricity providers, given the impression everyone is a simple price war, in fact, between the electricity supplier of the war strategy is not to be underestimated.

The essence of logic


1. access: through the content and social relationships will dilute the flow cost, in order to obtain a lower cost than traditional electricity supplier;

2. retained: the interests of the community, such as the core of the mouth or the media, to enhance the stickiness of the user / price sensitive users ratio;

PGC and UGC dispute decision: heavy siege heavy armour, long tail fire weapon

The head of

PGC model standard in decision making, may have the effect of siege armor. One of the considerations of the operation of PGC is between P terminal and platform, the initial platform relies on these P can bring traffic to guide, and the P terminal on the platform’s appeal is P with other common change, with the fast platform to fame and fortune. The platform’s development potential, influencing the size of P have fled the speed of the platform, in other words, the pace of development for the viscous P end entirely from the platform itself.

for social electricity supplier may for non-standard products, the long tail has amazing shooting ability, pass through word-of-mouth recommendation

West contact will be 25 billion 100 million yuan project landing

  reporter from Xining city in September 12th to discuss the development of investment will focus on the contract signing ceremony was informed that the talks, signed a total of 68 projects, contracted 25 billion 133 million yuan of funds; signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement signed 2 projects, 12 billion 880 million yuan of funds; signed required land auction and further clarify the main contents of the project 11 signed, 13 billion 320 million yuan of funds.

it is understood that the Dalian Wanda Group, Beijing, Chinese Jia Fei Yongtai real estate group will join the Xining investment and construction, Haiyan Road commercial complex, Qinghai property group projects and a number of large commercial complex project and promote Xining’s industrial development projects fall flowering. In strengthening exchanges, enhance understanding, promote projects, seek common development and achieve win-win situation on the basis of the domestic and foreign merchants gathered during the talks to negotiate, actively contracting projects. We launched the city of Xining investment projects to be more concerned about the construction of the city, so the contract to negotiate the city’s largest construction projects, a total of 39. Sea lake core area of commercial pedestrian street, Delingha Road area transformation, 54 West Road, the commercial development of a number of projects will be built in Xining livable, appropriate industry, should travel, pleasant life of the city to inject fresh blood. Especially the Qaidam Road commercial residential, Xinning square on the west side of the city complex development, south of the city complex and a number of city commercial complex project, will make more high-quality city complex near Xining, Xining, gathered popularity, can enhance the quality of the city with more intensive.

contracted projects, industrial development projects 8; cultural tourism projects of the 19; trade and circulation of the project of the 7; agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry projects, the land auction of 5 pieces of 3. Integrated car park project, ethnic food shopping tour street, Qinghai cultural and Creative Industrial Park, a number of projects such as the new cinema will give the audience a special surprise.

according to reports, the signing of the project conforms to the national industrial policy, in line with the green, low carbon, accumulation and circulation requirements, to achieve a breakthrough in the quality of new projects for industrial transformation and upgrading, construction of new city construction and industrial system, build inland open economy in West Highland to lay a solid foundation. (author: Xiao Yu)


12306 website open the public through the network for cargo transport business

Qinghai Tibet Railway Company will open 12306 website e-commerce platform for railway freight registration function. It is understood that this is the railway following the opening of online ticketing, telephone booking and other business after the introduction of a new business.

to facilitate the implementation of the registration of the customer, the railway sector to prepare the railway freight registration process flow chart, the registration process can refer to the flow chart or call 12306 customer service telephone consultation. According to the service process, the railway freight stations, for customers to provide business license audit of enterprise organization code certificate and corporate managers, ID card, to ensure the authenticity and confidentiality of customer information, by the person responsible for this work. After the audit, the customer can apply for online registration procedures. After the registration is successful, the customer provides the goods transportation demand on the net, the system accepts automatically and the real-time feedback result. At the same time, customers can get to know the site through the 12306 stations, running time and price, but also for cargo tracking query. In addition, China Railway Customer Service Center has also set up a freight service representative, can accept freight business consulting and customer complaints.

Application of

railway freight e-commerce platform, will greatly facilitate the owners, not only can be fast and time-saving for transport of goods, and can track the query by the goods, clearly inform the consignee the arrival of the goods at the time, will further improve the credibility of the customer. (author: Zhao Qian)


Bus passenger transport market special rectification briefing (two)

bus passenger market regulation

special report


second phase


bus passenger market rectification leading group office 2008 10 June 20



bus passenger transport market suffered



I started with the

city bus passenger transport market special rectification work, the joint law enforcement team to overcome the shortage of personnel, investigation difficult practical difficulties, in accordance with the unified arrangements and requirements of the special rectification work leading group, conducted a thorough investigation, the masses continue to use a variety of ways, the "black car" phenomenon of illegal trading investigation Mopai focus on the city, the train station, the road of the "black car" gathering point centralized clean-up regulation.

in the renovation process, the East District of unity hostel parking lot there are still more than 30 vehicles "green B" licence of the minibus, without any road passenger transport operations formalities, to pull the "fit" (pulled minority customers) way to engage in illegal business activities. These black car drivers over the Department of minorities, law enforcement officers went to law enforcement inspection, they deliberately use minority languages, with the language barrier and with each other passengers channeling and blocking way, to avoid law enforcement, increase the difficulty of the work of special rectification. Accordingly, special rectification Leading Group Office of the more than 30 vehicles Mopai "black car" list by the rectification of the first joint law enforcement group, to take further effective measures to carry out remediation work in accordance with the law. At the same time, because these vehicles, Ji Haidong "green B" vehicles will also Chaogu Haidong Prefecture yunguanchu to be dealt with according to law.













this period: the Provincial Communications Department office, the Provincial Transportation Bureau, the office of the municipal office, the municipal government information office, municipal office city;

Ministry of culture supervision Xining create a national public cultural service system demonstratio

October 28th to 29, deputy party secretary of the Ministry of culture, vice minister Yang Zhijin and his party came to our province, to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area in Xining work supervision, accompanied by vice governor Zhang Jianmin.

inspection teams went to Xining City Public Art Museum, Xining Art Center, Datong County cultural centers, libraries, community service centers, Bayi Bridge in the town of Xiangyang Village Cultural Center and Chengguan town comprehensive cultural stations and other places, to create a standard around the construction of modern public cultural service system and the requirements of national public cultural service system demonstration area (West), to create a national public cultural service system demonstration area of Xining city conducted a field inspection work.

inspection team heard the creation of the national public cultural service system demonstration area in Xining to carry out the work of the report on the work of the city to create a year to achieve the results of the Xining affirmed. And the existing problems in the work of creation are summarized, such as municipal library infrastructure is weak, cultural facilities reaching the standard rate is low, research and design system is not deep enough, for future work to create the specified direction, laid the foundation.